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Today’s I’m excited to take the wraps off of the new project name: Guildflow!

If you’ve been following this project you may have seen some previous names like Campfire and Clubhouse and while I still like those names to run a modern software project requires a lot of unique name checkboxes, registrations and trademarks and those names did not work.

Why Guildflow? Guild is a nod to the group and community focus of the product and flow is a reference to the zen like toolkit for meetup organizers I envision will continue to materialize as the feature set matures.

With a new name comes new social channels. Please consider following the new accounts:

You’ll also see a name change in the mailing list, but no need to re-subscribe if you were a previous member.

Public Alpha Notice

If you previously has a group using as its web address, this has changed to

I apologize for the short notice and breakage but such things are kind of expected in this public alpha phase.

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