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Publishing Custom Page Content and Editable Website Navigation

The open nature of pages and an editable website navigation lets a group make the website their own.

Via the Manage Group admin section, you can now create Pages! Pages let you publish arbitrary content about your group on the group website.

Each page is made up of the following:

  • Title - shown on the page as the first headline and is also displayed in the HTML title area.
  • URL Slug - the short string that defines the url the page can be loading with.
  • Members Only? - a checkbox where when checked will force a member to be signed in to view the page.
  • Content - the Markdown formatted content of the page. You can even link pages together to create a deeper content collection.

In addition to pages admins can now also edit the Navigation Links of the website.

Add new links to point to custom page content and customize the visibility of different links, helping you show some links to just signed in members and some links just to non-signed in members (eg: visitors).

The default navigation links for a group will be set to:

  • Show “Home” to everyone.
  • Show “Events” to everyone. Note: Some event details require a member to be signed in are are not included for public visitors (like the RSVP button or the Video Chat URL).
  • Show “Members” to just signed in members.
  • Show “Membership Application” to just non-signed in members (eg: visitors).

If you ever want to reset to these defaults, look for the reset button in the Navigation Links editor to do so.

The open nature of pages and an editable website navigation lets a group make the website their own. Some content ideas for pages could include:

  • A more detailed about page describing your group.
  • A public page to showcase the group leadership.
  • A code of conduct page.
  • A page to help solicit volunteers or speakers.
  • A page to thank sponsors or seek future sponsorship opportunities.
  • A page to promote the social media accounts of the group.
  • A page to share job opportunies.

If you have your own idea’s for page we’d love to hear them. In the future we hope to build out some page templates to help foster these suggestions from within the app.

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