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Improved Group Onboarding and Email Notifications

On Friday, July 24th, I released version 0.7.2 of Guildflow!

On Friday, July 24th, I released version 0.7.2 of Guildflow!

Big changes include:

  • Improved the New Group onboarding experience by automatically signing in the new group owner.
  • Group admins will now see suggestions on the home page for how to invite other members to a new group and how to make a new event when there are none upcoming.
  • Email notifications for both the applicant and the group owner have been added around new membership applications life cycle events. Other copy, both in the emails and the website have been updated to help set expectations for how Membership Applications work.
  • An event now has a field for “Video Chat URL”. This URL will be shared with RSVPed members only and never to the general public.

For detailed info on all the changes, see the public Changelog.

Thanks for your interest in Guildflow!

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