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Own your meetup.

Build a website for your meetup group that honors the privacy rights of its members and won't hold the group data hostage.

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Why choose Guildflow to run your group?

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    You own your group. If you choose not to renew your subscription, we won't sell your group to the first person who shows up with a working credit card number.

    In fact, Guildflow has a dedicated system to allow you to export and migrate your data off Guildflow should you find a better solution for your group as it grows and evolves. No hard feelings.

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    Unlike Facebook Events,

    Guildflow will never sell your group data or use it to power an advertising platform.

    Why let involvement in a sensitive group, like a divorce or substance-abuse support group, influence the ads your household sees.

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    Unlike and Facebook Events,

    Member details, including RSVP status, are never shared on the public internet.

    Why should a current boss be able to discover someone attending a resume workshop. With Guildflow, members have meaningful privacy controls.

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    Unlike and Facebook Events,

    Your group website does not live in the shell of a third-party provider.

    The focus is on your group, not the tools running it. You can even use a custom domain that you own and control.

And all of the standard meetup tools you'd expect!

  • Build and share an event calendar with RSVPs.
  • Limit Video Chat URLs sharing to RSVPed members.
  • Provide a membership directory so people can learn more about each other.
  • Create a custom Membership Application to capture background info before letting unverified people get group access.
  • Connect with other tools via a modern GraphQL API.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I import my members from

Right now sadly, no.

One of the main reasons I am building Guildflow is because does not provide the group owner full access to the member data, including email addresses. As such, any export would be incomplete or inaccurate.

I do have some ideas on paper that might help with this in the future. If this is a must have for your group, please contact me and let's talk.

Are there native iOS or Android mobile apps for Guildflow?

Getting the API working is a foundational requirement for native mobile apps. Once the API is in a good place the creation of the mobile apps can truly begin. If you are a developer, I can also share, the plan is to make these apps open source.

In the meantime, I will also say, the websites that Guildflow generates are built to support a responsive design and will work great on phones and tablets. If you spot anything that you feel could be improved, let me know.

When will Guildflow be ready?

While there are some active groups using Guildflow during our current alpha release, the stable 1.0 release is planned around the Fall 2020 time frame.

How much will Guildflow cost?

Pricing is still to be finalized. Expect a monthly subscription fee similar to that of with possible discounts for a yearly plan.

Will Guildflow have a free plan?

At launch Guildflow will not to offer a free plan.

There will be some kind of trial phase for a new group as well as lots of screenshots and videos to help people understand what Guildflow is capable of and if it would be a good fit for their group.

The decision to require a paid plan goes along with the spirit of providing better privacy tools. The reason other platforms can offer a free plan is because they are selling your data. To be sustainable Guildflow needs to charge for its services.

Meet the Developer

Photo of Mike Zornek.

My name is Mike Zornek and I'm a fellow meetup organizer from Philadelphia, PA.

Meetup groups are a great way to share and give back to your community. Through organizing meetups I have met some incredible peers, many who have become dear friends. I've learned a ton of technical knowledge and experienced countless career opportunities.

After a growing discontent with the meetup tools of the day I started to build out something new that lets group organizers own their data and respected the privacy of group members. I am really excited how it's starting to take shape.

Please explore what Guildflow has to offer and let me know what you like and feel it is missing. I'd love to hear about your own meetup group experiences.

Personal Website@zorn on Micro.Blog@zorn on Twitter

Let's Chat

Grab some time on my calendar or send me an email.